Leather Goods and Tack Accessories handcrafted by REED TACK

NOTE:  Contact us regarding availability of custom silver conchos with other animals and symbols.
Checkbook Covers
    Border - w/ or w/o Mule Head  -  $20.00
    Basket stamped  -  $28.00

Cell Phone Cases
    Stitched  -  $25.00      Stamped  -  $30.00
    Border stamped w/custom silver concho  -  $45.00

Key Chains
    Custom silver w/ mule  -  $25.00
    Texas Star conch (not shown)  -  $15.00
    Barbed wire conch (not shown)  -  $10.00

Spur Straps - Ladies'
    Basket stamped, silver concho  -  $55.00
    Basket stamped with spots  -  $45.00

Spur Straps - Mens'
    Basket stamped, silver concho  -  $55.00
    Basket stamped with spots and customsilver concho w/ mule -  $105.00

Suspenders by REED TACK

On the left:  scalloped and stamped with custom silver mule conchos  -  $105.00

On the right:  straight, stamped  -  $75.00

Also available with no stamping  -  $65.00
Please contact us to get proper suspender measurements.

We can also make your next leather belt!
Available plaine or lined with buckle.


Custom Conchos Available!


Spurs Straps!

Several Styles Avaliable
in Mens, Women's and Kids Sizes 

Plain, stamped, tool or
Custom Engraving!

Call for Information!




Saddle Bags ~  Horn Bags  ~  Can Holders



We can make a Holster to fit your Weapon or a Case to hold about any Phone / iPod or anything else that needs a case.
We also make checkbooks and book covers - call us for ideas!

 Weapons Holsters

Toy Holsters

Canteens - $80



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